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Arthur G. Dominguez
My father died on July 24th, 2008.  He is the reason why I love volleyball
so much.   The values he passed on to me are those that I teach every
Starling athlete.   His work ethic, commitment and generosity are
surpassed only by the love he had for family.   Starlings volleyball is not
just any volleyball program, it is a family.   I thank you for taking the time I
love you DAD!
My dad was not always a dad, he was a faithful husband for over 49 years and
when he was a young one, I heard he liked to go out with the boys and cause a
little trouble.   Above on the left is a picture of my mother and father.  They got
married very young but you can stop falling in love.  On the right is a picture of my
dad having a few with the boys, what they did later that evening is another story.
Memories of my family have always been full of laughs and acting
like a fool in the name of good fun. The picture to the far left is of
my sister and me with my dad helping feed goats at some random
petting zoo.  As you can see... one tried to eat me but my father
was able to keep him back.  In the center is a picture of my sister,
my father, me and my youngest brother Robby, some of the most
memorable moments have been of us three together and hiding
from my dad to stay out of trouble.   Above is all of us, as you can
tell, we are an interesting bunch.   The big bonehead in front is the
oldest role model,  Jesse. I'm the cute one in the middle, and above
us are Robby and Arty.   Ma and Pa are cuddling in the chair.
Not many people can say that their father was a
professional wrestler... and that is what i am the
most proud of!!!  My father struggled growing up
but ended up traveling all over the world, meeting  
famous wrestlers like Buddy Rose, Terry Funk,
Ricky Romero, Andre the Giant and so many
more.  During his final days he told me to tell my
athletes, who he card so much for, "it does not
matter if you win or lose... just get better after
every game..." It was from these lessons that i
learned to become the coach and athlete that I
am today!   I LOVE YOU POPS!!!
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