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"Giving girls a chance to fly"
Beginning with a single inner-city San Diego team in 1996, today
Starlings is the largest Junior Volleyball Club in the nation─serving some
2,500 girls in 38 clubs across America. Clubs stretch from New York City
to Los Angeles, from Portland to Phoenix, Arizona. The guiding concept
has been to provide an opportunity for girls (ages 10 to18) to participate
regardless of their socioeconomic background. Club dues, if any, are a
fraction of most Junior Club costs and no girl is turned away because of
inability to pay.

The Starlings philosophy is a holistic one: competition is good but sports should
also be fun. Finally, an athlete should seek to develop all her talents and for this
reason, we proudly promote our annual Literary/Art Contest.
To provide the equal opportunity for girls from diverse, lower
socioeconomic environments the opportunity to train and compete
at a USA Volleyball Junior Olympic level; to encourage
teamwork, health, positive life skills, and academic achievement;
to establish member clubs throughout the nation that are
community-based and self-sustaining.
The Starlings Mission Statement
The Starlings believe in supporting the participation of girls in volleyball
  • Girls that participate in sports are 92% less likely to get involved with drugs.
  • Girls who participate in sports are 80% less likely to have an unwanted
  • Girls who participate in sports are three time more likely to graduate from high
  • Girls who participate in sports have a higher level of self esteem.

The sport of volleyball is ideal for the inner cities and rural areas of
America—inexpensive, non-contact, and inherently a social game
requiring communication and cooperation.  Girls playing volleyball in the
United States outnumber boys, 12 to 1.  It is truly the “girl’s game” of
Starlings Volleyball
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