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Starlings Volleyball
Starlings Photo Archives
Below are all the pictures from years past.  Sit back, relax
and click away!!!
Starlings 16-1 2006-07
Starlings 16-1 2007-08
Starlings 16-2 2007-08
6/18-23 Starlings Nationals
2nd in the SILVER Division.
Starlings 16-1's 2008-09
Starlings 16-2's 2008-09
5/23-25  Bay View Classic - UC Berkeley
Starlings 14-1 2006-07
Starlings 14-1 2007-08
6/18-23 Starlings Nationals
1st place in the Flight Division!
Starlings 14/15's 2008-09
5/23-25th  Bay View Classic - UC Berkeley
Starlings 17's 2008-09
6/18-23 Starlings Nationals
4th place GOLD division!!!
204 Broadway
Santa Cruz Ca, 95060
6/12-13 Area Championships Watsonville/
Oak Grove High School
Starlings 15-1's 2009-10
6/12 Pajaro Valley High School
Starlings 17-1's 2009-10
Starlings 18-1's 2009-10
4/3 HARBOR High School
Our 1st tournament this season ended with
a strong 3rd place finish...CONDITIONING is
the secret word... AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
4/9 Moreau Catholic High School
For our second time our, we struggled
during our second game but did excellent
the rest of the day winning our pool!
5/14-15 Great America Tournament
We had a long time off and a rough 1st
day.   A few less mental errors and next
time will be MUCH  more focused.
5/58-31 Bay View Classic
We faced some of our toughest competition
and played better than we have as a team
all season!!!  Ready for San Diego!!!
6/17-20 Starlings Nationals 2011
Great job ladies who came into San Diego
and left with Silver medals and finished 14th
out of 40 teams and 2nd in their division.
Starlings 16-1's 2010-11
Starlings 17-1's 2011-12
1/23 Watsonville High School
First day of league got us focused on all
we need to work on!  I see 1st and 2nd
soon but this day we got both... 12th
2/5 Harbor High School
Did much better this week... I am so PROUD of
your work this day ladies... moved up to 7th
today after a 12 hour day!
2/18-20 Presidents Day - San Jose
Three days of tough play.. and getting us ready
for the rest of our season and SAN DIEGO!
3/18 - Watsonville High School
Today the girls played some great volleyball and
finished 7th... this was a weird torunamen:/!
4/1 - Watsonville High School
This was our day to play some fun volleyball
finished 3rd... amazing job of HUSTLE today!
4/14 - San Jose State University
Had a good day and played some tough games
in my home town.   Good finish!!!
6/3   Harbor High School Championshipsl
Our final tournament before San Diego!!! We
played some of our best volleyball and had
some amazing games!!!  Great work ladies!
6/22-24   National Championships
- San Diego
Did a great job in San Diego overall... but we
had our tough moments that we all learned
from!!!  Look out next year!!
2/2 - San Jose State University
The first tournament together as a team
ans a 3rd place finish!!! Great work ladies!
3/16 - North Salinas HS
Today we played a little better but still made
crucial mistakes... finishing in 8th place.
3/30 - North Salinas HS
Today was a much better day, playing more
focused and in control.   Finished in 4th today!
4/14 - San Benito HS
Another long day with another
4th place finish!
5/11 and 5/12 - Sacramento Convention Center
Another long day with another 4th place finish!
3/2 - Los Medanos College
We had a little more difficulty this
day... finishing in 11th place.
6/8 and 6/9 - Great America Tournament
The ladies did a great job but no pictures of this
one... sorry.
6/20 - 6/24    Starlings Nationals
A long three days of hard playing and we
end with a day of winning!!!!
Starlings 16's 2012-13
2/2 - San Jose State University
Started off beating the number 1 seed but with only 6
girls... energy was a problem and a 7th place finish!!!
2/16-18 - Presidents Day Tournament
A long three days and the results are in... We moved
from 54 seed to 37 seed true in Starlings fashion!!!
3/16   Everett Alvarez HS
Getting better as a team and
finished in 5th today!
3/30   Everett Alvarez HS
Another 5th place finish after a
long day of volleyball!
4/14   Diablo Valley College
Our best finish of the season ending
in 3rd place.
5/11 and 5/12 - Sacramento Convention Center
This is our final tune-up before we head to San Diego.  
Good Job Ladies!
6/20 - 6/24    Starlings Nationals
A long three days and finishing with
bronze medals in our division.  This
group will be missed!!!
Starlings 18's 2012-13
2/22 - North Salinas HS
Area League #2
2/1 - San Mateo Event Center
Area League #1
1/26 - Tracy High School
League Qualifier
3/23 - North Salinas HS
Area League #3
4/5 - West Valley College
Area League #4
5/10-11 - Santa Clara Convention Center
Area League Championships
6/19-23 - San Diego
National Championships
Starlings 16's 2013-14
1/25 - Leland HS
Area League Qualifier
2/8 - Leland HS
Area League #1
2/28 - Leland HS
Area League #2
June 18-22nd- Starlings Nationals
San Diego, California
Starlings 16's 2014-15