"Giving girls a chance to fly"
Starlings Volleyball
Watsonville Starlings
Program Histor
Watsonvile Starlings was the first league program to offer volleyball to the girls in the
community of Watsonville.  Participation in athletic activities is an effective measure in
keeping kids off the streets and out of trouble which is the primary goal of the Starlings
program.   More than volleyball, the program helps girls become more responsible, more
disciplined and more mindful of their habits regarding their physical and mental health.      

Our first EVER Starlings team was our group of 16's. We started with 12 girls. Our very
first tournament was a three day assault at the Presidents Day tournament in San Jose,
where we started off as the 154 seed and ended at the same spot.  Compare this to our
final tournament of the year in San Diego where we competed against 40 Starlings teams
from all over the country and finished 15th. GREAT WORK Starlings!!!

The second season of Starlings brought more accomplishments.   All Starlings teams
were finishing in the top of most of their final tournaments.   Starlings 16-1 finished in the
top five of all eight tournaments played this season and finished first place in two.   In San
Diego, the 14's team played in the Division 5 pool and finished first place.  The 16-2 team
played in the 16's Copper Division 4 pool and finished in second place, 20th out of 47
teams and earned the Watsonville program their first medal.   The 16-1 team played in the
16's Gold Division 1 pool and finished 4th place out of all 47 teams in their age group that
played in San Diego 2008!!!!
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As predicted, Watsonville Starlings has proven once more to be an elite volleyball club capable of playing with the
big... and tall girls.   For 2010, Starlings had one 18's team, one 17's team and a new group of 15/16's.   All teams
made amazing improvements over the season and became strong competitors at all of their tournaments.  The
reputation of being "that frustrating Starlings team" continued to hold true as we beat teams that would walk on the
court, laugh at our size and question our game.  Many times these teams learned that what we lack in size, we make
up for with hustle and heart... don't question our game:)   
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